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It was now 1936, and after it had lain empty for many years diplomat Lord Holland and his pretty young wife Lady Agnes moved into the grand house.Looking every inch the elegant society hostess she is, Lady Agnes Holland walks into the imposing hallway of 165 Eaton Place to welcome her visitor, handsome American businessman Caspar Landry. – she brushes against a table and ladders her stocking.Is this what the new series of Upstairs Downstairs holds?An affair for Lady Agnes as her diplomat husband (played by Ed Stoppard) neglects her while he frantically works on peace negotiations to avert the looming war?Sometimes Persie feels completely hemmed in by her sister and tries to retaliate.Anne Reid, who returns (with a new cap and overalls) as household cook Mrs Clarice Thackeray, reveals her character is going to get a lot more bolshie below stairs this series.

Losing Dame Eileen meant even more rewriting.‘When we parted company, it was absolutely mutual,’ Heidi says.‘She’s quite a difficult woman anyway,’ Anne admits.‘And it allows for much more comedy.’There is a falling-out between her and butler Mr Pritchard (Adrian Scarborough), which leads to her storming out.‘I don’t think Agnes is a rebel especially, but she starts looking for a little bit of excitement.It’s hardly surprising Lady Agnes and the other women at Eaton Place are enchanted by Caspar, played by Michael Landes.

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