Who is hilary duff currently dating

It’s funny to see how many would-be “train wrecks” or rather outgoing ladies never do get themselves with child (and surprising how some do) and proves you can’t always judge by reputation. She graced magazine covers, had movie offers, the works.Here are 15 young starlets many believed would get knocked up early but didn’t to show the “family way” isn’t as obvious as it seems. But Barton was soon overcome by addictions to drugs and drinking, showing up late and acting up so they had no choice but to fire her at the end of the third season.Which was why it was shocking when she redid her image into a huge sexpot, flaunting her body constantly.That included the now infamous 2013 VMAs with her twerking and dancing that made headlines.Cyrus kept it up with reports of partying and then some very risqué magazine shoots, including several fully nude.She’s thankfully toned it down, her latest album hailed for a better style and her turn of judging on showing a more serious side.Thus, more than a few suggested she’d follow in Bella’s footsteps for an early pregnancy.In 2012, Stewart got in major trouble for having an affair with director Rupert Sanders and there was speculation of a pregnancy but that turned out to be tabloid rumors.

Some do become mothers but when they’re better able to handle it and happy marriages while some have no kids at all.

Yet, amazingly, it took until 2005, at the age of 24, for Spears to have her first child with then-husband Kevin Federline.

A second later followed and while Spears had her infamous meltdown (including the shot of her son sitting her lap in the driver’s seat), she has mellowed and become a better mom.

Kristen Stewart rose to fame for the movies and made her a star while carrying on with Robert Pattinson.

It got some hot stuff and Stewart seemed awkward while growing up but still a sexy vibe.

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