Very long hair dating

To achieve the wave in the front, place a large curling iron under the bang and loosely wrap hair around the curling iron toward your face.

For the sides, wrap the hair in the opposite direction, away from your face. First, blow-dry your hair with a paddle brush before using a tail comb to make a deep side part.

That's why many Native Americans kept their hair long.

When you get to the very front part, roll the round brush forward.

"This will give the bang a little lift when you part it to the side," he says.

"Curl your hair in the same direction to create the same curl pattern," adds Cho. Finally, spray hairspray on anatural boar-bristle brush and gently brush out curls.

After washing with volumizing shampoo and conditioner, add volumizing mousse to damp hair. "Just make sure to keep this part damp," says O'Connor.

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