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For Hegel (1995/1840) the sophists were subjectivists whose sceptical reaction to the objective dogmatism of the presocratics was synthesised in the work of Plato and Aristotle.

This article provides a broad overview of the sophists, and indicates some of the central philosophical issues raised by their work. Section 2 surveys the individual contributions of the most famous sophists.Hostility towards sophists was a significant factor in the decision of the Athenian to condemn Socrates to the death penalty for impiety.Anytus, who was one of Socrates’ accusers at his trial, was clearly unconcerned with details such as that the man he accused did not claim to teach , 312a).Deciding that the best way to discharge his debts is to defeat his creditors in court, he attends The Thinkery, an institute of higher education headed up by the sophist Socrates.When he fails to learn the art of speaking in The Thinkery, Strepsiades persuades his initially reluctant son, Pheidippides, to accompany him.

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