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Thus my laptop never stayed on long enough for the process to complete before I prevented it to go to sleep. I was convinced that it was stuck in some kind of loop doing nothing.

But then I let it run, forgot about it, and I think after 6 hours it finally finished. Not new but also not too old computers (~3-5 years). So takes a couple of days to completely patch a new install.

In such a case, my backup DVDs from A would have come handy to restore all my Photos/Videos/Personal files back.

So, the problem seems to be the corruption of a system file and could be attributed to any of the programs I downloaded from the Internet such as DVD Fab in the interim. Mesiduma I start my windows so up then it goes to a option screen and it said safe mode , safe mode with network and sao on then there is start windows normaly I press that then I get the option.

I looked for multiple solutions and none of them worked.

Worst offenders are PCI modems and then the next is network cards. remove an item and try restart or remove all peripherals except the hard drive and try again.

i dont want lost my files and imporrtant documents...

PROBLEM my pc just restart after windows load and it appears a list of option like run in the safe mode or using command prompt and last good configuration.....

So if you have like 2GB (or less) of RAM and a slow HDD, the issue will be compounded. Windows Update Client for Windows 7: June 2015 I confirm that this was the solution for me.

It was for a laptop and apparently going to sleep or hibenate interrupt the process in such a way that it is restarted from zero when being woken up.

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