Msu union speed dating

An MSU investigator would have 90 days, according to MSU’s own policy at the time, to interview witnesses and write a report.(Federal guidelines say those investigations should normally take just 60 days, and MSU updated its policies in 2015 to align with that.) If that investigator found a sexual assault did occur, there’d be a hearing to determine sanctions.

Like, what was the thought process of you doing this?

He alleged the investigator failed to interview all the witnesses, and he claimed the school was biased against him because he’d previously been the subject of another sexual misconduct complaint.

But the appeals board disagreed, finding “no procedural errors” occurred. Finally, 13 months after Shayna filed her complaint, it looked like the whole ordeal was over.

That’s how long universities are supposed to take to investigate sexual assault cases.

But at Michigan State University, those investigations can drag on for seven, eight, even nine months.

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