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Their cases often deal with murders occurring within various unusual subcultures or milieus, including reality TV shows, vampire enthusiasts, a science fiction convention, and a man who claims to be a time traveler.

A recurring plot line deals with the unsolved murder of Beckett's mother years before, an investigation which leads to an increasingly sprawling, and dangerous, conspiracy. Cannell, James Patterson, Dennis Lehane, and Michael Connelly appear as themselves during periodic games of poker at Castle's apartment.

She is a fashion-forward senior at Castlebury High School with a love for writing.

Samantha moves into Carrie's (temporary) apartment that she shared with Walt while Larissa was gone.

In Season one we are introduced to small town girl Carrie Bradshaw.

Her mom died due to cancer 3 months before school started.

Typically, they discuss Castle and Beckett's current case and tease Castle about his involvement with Beckett.

Following Cannell's death on September 30, 2010, an empty chair was kept at the poker table for a year in his honor.

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