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Perón was assigned by the War Ministry to study mountain warfare in the Italian Alps in 1939.He also attended the University of Turin for a semester and served as a military observer in countries across Europe.He was the son of Juana Sosa Toledo and Mario Tomás Perón.The Perón branch of his family was originally Sardinian, from which his great-grandfather emigrated in the 1830s; in later life Perón would publicly express his pride in his Sardinian roots.

The couple had their two sons out of wedlock and married in 1901.He went on to command the post, and in this capacity mediated a prolonged labor conflict in 1920 at La Forestal, then a leading firm in forestry in Argentina.He earned instructor's credentials at the Superior War School, and in 1929 was appointed to the Army General Staff Headquarters.His father's undertaking ultimately failed, and he died in Buenos Aires in 1928.The youth entered the National Military College in 1911 at age 16 and graduated in 1913.

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