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Hi, I was searching around google and came across your old post.Mike (Illinois) Hi, Mike Yes, I do still have the bass.

I'll have to do some investigating to see how old it is.

Back in 1973, I was going to buy an Ovation deep bowl acoustic, for about 0, which was a lot of cash back then, well I put it on layaway, and would go into the store and put a week on it, and was down to the final bucks, when I ran across a brand new guitar on the rack...

I have a Cortez 12-string also, cherry sunburst with hummingbird pickguard.

I have no idea how much it is worth today, probably not a lot (I didn't pay much for it - think guitar and case ran 9).

I bought a Les Paul copy Cortez at the flea market for and I fixed a tone knob and put new strings for like and it plays great!

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