Gerard butler dating madonna

Our natural systems sustain us with all that is necessary for life — such as ample food, clean air and drinkable water.” He also explained the impact his foundation has had with its environmental efforts."We helped protect more than 1.6 million square kilometers of ocean — an area more than twice the size of Texas — including in the Ross Sea.

Di Caprio, the LDF founder and chairman, presided over the festivities with foundation CEO Terry Tamminen and the global fundraising chairman Milutin Gatsby, who spearheaded the launch of the gala.

From the looks of it, though, it may just have been Billy Zane.

Gerard Butler rejects Kelly Bensimon, Adam Lambert's fans throw sex toys at him, Ashley Olsen is surprised she didn't end up like Britney, Ryan O' Neal gave his 11-year-old son cocaine, Joan Rivers hates Jon Gosselin and Madonna plagiarizes a poet.

But the night also served to remind us of all the good things on this planet, like the mini It was also a hot-spot for a newly single Leo's favorite thing in the whole wide world besides Citi bikes: models, in this case in the form of Constance Joblanski, Imaan Hammam, Ginta Lapina, Karolina Kurkova, Lindsay Ellingson, and Doutzen Kroes, the latter of whom is an environmental enthusiast herself: But unfortunately, like Leo, Tobey Maguire, Sean Penn, and Gerard Butler, who were all also in attendance, go the Leo route in eschewing the platform for anything personal.

Alas, that means there's no further intel on who won the dinner with Kate and Leo the pair auctioned off as part of the gala.

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    The trend is faster for land than ocean, faster for Arctic regions, and faster since the 1970s than the longer period.

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