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This feature needs to be enabled, it is not automatic and will not appear in your Facetime calls until you actually physically opt to turn it on.

The person on the other end also needs to enable the feature in order for it to work.

In order for someone else to take a Live Photo of you while you’re having a Face Time video chat, you’ll need to enable it. If you want to take a Live Photo of someone else, send these instructions over so everyone can enable it.

Last week, Skype announced that its app for i Phone and i Pod Touch finally features video chat — something Skype users have been waiting for for months.

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Siri will have a more natural voice, and be more expressive.

When Apple unveiled its i Phone 4 last spring, it made a big deal of its new Face Time technology, which lets people have two-way video chats on their smartphones.

When the new fourth-generation i Pod Touch came out in the fall, it featured Face Time too.

Face Time features heavily in Apple’s advertising for its devices.

But for all the hype, I’ve always found Face Time to be a decidedly underwhelming technology.

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