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Tharpe's car broke down and by the time he reached Knoxville, the game was over.

Tharpe asked Tennessee head coach Bob Neyland for information, who suggested that he talk to Dodd.

He did not believe in intense physical practices but rather precise and well executed practices.

Dodd's philosophy translated to winning; he set the record for career wins at Tech with 165, including a 31-game unbeaten streak from 1951–1953.

Georgia Tech had an intense rivalry with the University of Alabama which ended during Bobby Dodd's tenure as head football coach.

Until that time, the matchup between the Crimson Tide and the Yellow Jackets was a fall football classic.

Dodd sometimes made unusual substitutions, as in the 1952 game against Georgia, when Georgia Tech seemed about to be upset.

Dodd sent in a small halfback who had been frequently injured during his career, who then broke to the right faking a run, stopped, threw a pass for a touchdown and returned to the bench.

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Georgia Tech often played teams that were physically superior but Bobby Dodd would still find a way to win.

When Tharpe returned to Atlanta he told Alexander: "Dodd's analysis of Carolina is better than any scouting report that I could have made." Dodd joined Alexander's staff as an assistant coach on December 28, 1930.

Dodd served as an assistant coach at Tech for 14 years, even though he received many offers for head coaching positions from other schools during that time frame.

"It is doubtful if any quarterback in the south can match Dodd on all-around ability.

He is a fine passer, a punter of ability, and the greatest field general to ever grace southern turf since the days of the one and only Pooley Hubert", according to one newspaper article of this era.

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