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Today’s name and spelling is due to the English corruption of Osnaburg but in former days it was also spelled Osenbreges, Ossenbrydge, Ostenbriges, Ozenbridg[e], Osburow, Osenbrigs, Oz- Osnabrigs -brug, Ozenbrigs, Ossenburgs and Osnaburgh.

Modern osnaburgs are coarse-yarn, medium and heavy weight cloths of low construction made of [1] part-waste cotton mixed with low-grade cotton called PW osnaburgs and [2] all short-staple white cotton low-grade stock called clean osnaburgs. Coarse carded osnaburg of part waste cotton, 40″ wide, in its grey or unconverted state.

And we crave high quality content that is lovingly curated instead of coming to us in random bits.

Coveting, owning and holding a beautiful and informative ink-on-paper inspiring tome…

Well, think again about this super-duty fabric – it contained and transported our dry food and still furnishes our homes with the most beautiful of decorator fabrics.

You will be surprised at its reach and the many fabric names to which it gives birth.

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– National Cotton Council Lighter weight carded sheeting osnaburg, 37″ wide, in grey state which will be converted to bags and other industrial fabrics such as crinoline and filter cloth.

I love stepping into the worlds created within their pages.

Today we either turn up our noses at the mention of osnaburg as an ugly utility fabric or put a question mark after it as in WHAT is THAT???

Each book in the Encyclopedia series will be able to stand on its own merit, but common design elements and a cover band will brand the series together as a cohesive family.

Although I’d love to be able to personally knock on your studio door and sell you my Encyclopedia, you can show your enthusiasm and support for this project by ordering the first three volumes of the Encyclopedia as a set for 0 (5 outside of North America).

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