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Applicants also have to show that they have lived in their acquired gender for two years.

“There was always a rule that you shouldn’t talk about politics on a first date, but now it’s almost impossible for people not to express themselves and not know what the other person believes,” Ward said.Dr Waiton said: “In a liberal society, it is up to individuals to make decisions about their lives for themselves but this does not mean that we should be cheering on this culture of narcissism.“Eighteen year olds can do what they like with their bodies.But for a government to suggest that 12-year-olds, immature young people, who don’t have the ‘right’ to go to bed when they want, let alone anything else, can have gender reassignment should be seen as a form of state sponsored child abuse.”Religous reaction Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute, added: “Politicians must stop and ask themselves if jumping on this bandwagon is really helping children.In February, after OKCupid noticed an uptick in interest related to politics, the company added 14 political questions, among them: “Do you believe we should ‘build a wall?’” and “Do you think the left wing is guilty of perpetrating ‘Fake News’?

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