Benefits of dating an artist southern california dating coach

That is, if you're single — we're not suggesting you dump your banker boyfriend for an artist, or are we? Artists' minds know how to make peace with the complications in their lives through art expression.2. Artists are artists for a reason: they see life unlike the rest of us.

Not only will this lead to exciting adventures, but that level of creativity is bound to spill over into your own life, too, making you see things in ways you’ve never seen them before. If not, she was both the mistress and muse of Pablo Picasso, one of the founders and a major contributor to the Cubist movement. Despite the stereotype that artists are prone to drug addiction (and some are), studies have found that those who make art tend to be healthier and bounce back quicker when they do get sick.

You’ll be holding hands as you walk through a quiet park in the summer twilight and they will look at you and whisper something like, "I’ve never felt this way before."This may seem like a beautiful sentiment but what they really mean is that they have never before felt this deep-rooted hunger—this insatiable lust—for murder.

Artists are highly intelligent and often seduced by the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

This time we're looking at artists and all the great things about them. It's no wonder that psychologists suggest things like art therapy for those trying to work out their problems; it's because art has a way of making things better.

If you've yet to date one, it's definitely about time to do so. Philosopher Alain de Bottom and art historian John Armstrong found through extensive research that artists have the "ability to mediate psychological shortcomings" and sooth any anxieties about their imperfections.

Think about it: wouldn’t it be brilliant to wake up next to a woman, watch her roll out of bed, light up a French brand cigarette, and paint in the nude? Plus: 18 Pros And Cons Of Dating Someone In Theater While the probability of living out this scenario is about as likely as being punched in the face by a unicorn, the allure of the artist remains.

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If you expect an artist to set their career aside for one lovely night of casual chit‐chat and lightheartedness, you will be disappointed.

They're Constantly Surrounded By Interesting People. This isn't to suggest that if you're dating a finance guy, his world isn't interesting, too, but let's be honest, artists just tend to be more open-minded, clearly far more creative and with the aforementioned fact that they see the world differently, a night out with artists is going to be way more fun than the banker types.7. We don't need a scientific study to prove that artists are passionate, because history already does it for us.

For starters, it takes a truly passionate and artistically devoted person to take the road less traveled, and pursue their heart’s main source of joy.

The mythology of the piss poor, broken‐spirited working artist is a tale of yesteryear.

Cities world wide are teeming with sexy, sexy artists.

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